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What They Don't Teach You in Massage School

There are alot of important things about the massage industry that they don't teach you in massage school .

Importance of physical strength. Massage schools teach you how to use your body weight to apply pressure in massage and will tell you that your physical strength is not important. While this is true for some techniques, there are many others such as stretching your clients, deeper techniques and standing all day, that do require you to have to use your physical strength. You should start a weight lifting regimen two to three times a week as soon as you start massage school. Massage is very physically demanding and it will be easier for you if you are stronger.

"  The importance of business and marketing skills. Business and marketing skills are just as important as great massage skills. Many people find this hard to believe but it is true. There are many extremely talented therapists who barely scrape by in private practice, even after many years of being in business. Mnay massage schools do not spend a lot of time teaching these skills. My book, Marketing Secrets for Alternative Health Professionals teaches massage therapists these necessary skills.

"  Word of mouth marketing. Many massage therapists are taught that word of mouth marketing is the only way to build your practice and it takes at least two years to do this. This is totally untrue, and I discuss this in great detail in my book mentioned above.

"  Physical limitations of massage. There is a limitation as to how many massages an individual massage therapist can do in a week. For many therapists that limitation is around 15 massages a week. However, some schools will have you believe that you can do 25 or more massages a week still be healthy.

"  Wages paid by massage jobs. Most massage jobs are low paying with therapists making anywhere between $10 and $35 an hour depending on where you are located. It is much more profttable to have your own practice.

"  Importance of deep tissue skills. Deep tissue is one of the most popular massage techniques, and it is extremely important to have mastery of this to be successful in the massage industry.

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